Discover The Mosteller Mansion


All photography provided by Taken By Sarah


It all started when...

Once upon a time, Mosteller Mansion was a private residence.

It was built by the late Bill Mosteller, who saw the foothills of Hickory, North Carolina as a kind of mountainous wonderland. He wanted to build an extraordinary home for his wife and children, and found the perfect scenic location. Construction on the home itself was completed in 1987, and the whole place was refurbished in 2005. Frankly, most visitors to the home are surprised by how new it is: Everything about the Mosteller Manson exudes a kind of timeless elegance and hand-crafted detail that is more commonly found in much older properties.

At more than 14,000 square feet, the mansion has all the intimacy of a private residence yet it is also spacious enough to accommodate weddings, parties, and corporate events; we’re thrilled to have it open for your get-together, and hope it’s the perfect environment for your special day.


Inside the Mansion...

The home retains many of its classic details—exquisite woodwork, hand-painted tile, and more. Upon entering the mansion, the first thing you see is a grand staircase— taken from the original Chase Manhattan Bank of NYC in 1987. Under your feet you’ll notice beautiful marble flooring with gold-plated inlays. Overhead there hangs a magnificent 18k gold chandelier.

Follow the staircase upstairs and directly in front of you is the entrance to the bridal suite. You’ll notice bright lighting, comfortable seating, two vanities for brides to do their make-up, mirrors galore, a huge bathroom with a soaking tub, and some beautiful, mood-setting, original artwork.

Heading back downstairs, turn to the right and pass under the arched doorway and a bright bay window area greets you. Look to the right, and down two steps and you're in the Mahogany room. Paneled with solid mahogany, a huge fireplace and mantle, and backlit library styled book shelving, the room is irrepressibly warm and accommodating.

Head back up the steps and through the next arched doorway and you're in the former master bedroom (now called the Maple Room). With a seating capacity of 100, this is a great spot for an intimate indoor wedding. One wall is solid maple, lined with mirrors and backlit shelving for our guests to display valuables and photographs. Hanging from the ceiling is a six-foot wide crystal chandelier. This room also features Mr. & Mrs. Mosteller’s his-and-hers bathrooms with jetted tubs and solid marble tiles.

There are other features and rooms besides: All flooring in the house is solid, dark stained mahogany wood. The former dining room, now called the Teak Room, is the perfect spot for a cozy luncheon. The Birch Room, originally the kitchen, is a masterpiece of painted tile and stained glass.