6 Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

Any time you hold a company event, you obviously want to ensure that it’s memorable. You want all the participants to walk away with the right message and the right takeaways; ideally, you want it to be an event that’s positive for morale and engagement.

Making a memorable corporate event isn’t just about the messaging, though. There’s also the food! The meal you provide for your event attendees can go a long way toward making that event successful. And if you’ve got more than a handful of people on your invite list, you’re probably going to want to hire a professional catering company.

As you think through your catering options, here are some tips to keep in mind.

6 Tips for Successful Event Catering

  1. Get a head count. You’ll need to provide the catering company with some basic information, and first on the list is an indication of how many guests are going to be in attendance. Always bump up your estimation by a few people, leaving some wiggle room for last-minute sign-ups.

  2. Set a budget. Most catering companies will be able to work with you and suggest some options that will work with your budget, but it’s important to have a number in mind and to stick with it.

  3. Know your theme. The meeting’s basic purpose and function can help you determine the right food to serve. For example, if you’re planning an informal get-together to honor your sales team, a BBQ buffet might make sense. It wouldn’t be as appropriate for something more formal, though.

  4. Be aware of your schedule. Will your event include a variety of presenters and speakers throughout the day? If so, you will probably want to plan the food service around the event schedule.

  5. Don’t plan for too many options. It’s wise to give participants a couple of different options for entrees and sides, especially those who may have dietary restrictions. No need to serve 10 different things, though; that may simply overwhelm your guests, and balloon your budget.

  6. Consider dietary restrictions. Speaking of dietary considerations, make sure you talk with your catering company about how you can accommodate people with gluten allergies, vegans, etc.

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