5 Things Your Wedding Planner Should Handle for You

For some brides, the thought of planning a wedding is genuinely exciting. For others, it’s a panic attack waiting to happen. That’s why some couples end up hiring a wedding coordinator to handle some of the nuts and bolts for them—helping them to enjoy their engagement and rest assured that the logistics of their big day are being properly plotted.

But what does a wedding planner actually do? Naturally, you’ll want to spend some time talking with your coordinator to get a sense of their job scope, what they will and will not handle on your behalf. Generally speaking, though, there are some basic things that most wedding planners should take off your plate.

What’s the Role of a Wedding Planner?

  1. Your wedding planner should understand what you’re looking for. You may not want to micromanage every detail of your wedding, but you probably do want a say in it—in where it takes place, what the colors are, who’s invited, what kind of food is served, etc. Your wedding planner should spend some time talking with you and getting a sense of what you’re looking for, then executing your vision.

  2. Your wedding planner should be the point person for all your vendors. Simply put, you shouldn’t be flooded with a constant stream of calls, texts, or emails from all your wedding vendors. Your wedding planner should field all that and come to you only if they need you to weigh in on a key decision.

  3. Your wedding planner should save you money. A planner should be an investment, not an expense! That means your wedding planner should look for good deals from vendors and help defray some of the costs of your big day. Certainly, a wedding planner should know your overall budget and help you meet it.

  4. Your wedding planner should be prepared for anything. No, your planner shouldn’t be expected to run a thousand little errands for you, but he or she should have a fully-stocked emergency kit and be ready to roll with whatever last minute surprises come your way.

  5. Your wedding planner should help you remain calm. There’s no point in hiring a wedding coordinator who stresses you out. Make sure you look for someone in whom you can feel confident; someone who gives you peace of mind about your big day.

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