3 Tips for a Successful Paleo/Gluten-Free Wedding

Planning a wedding can be taxing under the best of circumstances—and when you add in dietary restrictions, it just gets harder. But don’t fret: If you’ve committed to a paleo or gluten-free lifestyle and want your wedding to match, it’s entirely doable. The important thing is to think strategically and communicate openly with your catering company.

As you plan a paleo or GF wedding, here are three basic tips that can make your life much easier.

3 Tips for a Successful Paleo or GF Wedding

1. Choose the right location.

Believe it or not, your venue plays a big role in the kind of menu you’re able to offer. A lot of places, especially ones with smaller food prep areas, will place restrictions on the activities of your catering company, and still others will insist that you work from an approved list of catering companies. That’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s certainly something to find out early in the process as you plan your paleo/GF wedding.

2. Talk with your caterer.

Most catering companies are more than happy to accommodate different dietary restrictions, but it’s important for you to communicate your wishes from the get-go. And, as you interview caterers, ensure that you ask them the right questions. For instance:

  • Have you ever catered an all-paleo/all-GF wedding before?

  • What’s your experience catering events as big as mine?

  • What oils do you use to cook your food? Can everything be prepared in either coconut oil, olive oil, or clarified butter?

  • Do you prepare everything on location, or will it need to be heated up once on-site?

  • Can you provide references from previous paleo or GF weddings?

  • Can you provide a sample paleo/GF menu?

Again, when it comes to working with your caterer, our simple advice is communicate, communicate, communicate!

3. Rethink dessert.

There are some good paleo and gluten-free dessert options out there, but you may wish to think outside the box for your after-dinner treats. Some examples include:

  • Dark chocolate tastings

  • Generous fruit platters

  • Coffee/tea samplings

  • Food-and-wine pairings

Start Planning Your Paleo Event Today

The bottom line: You can have a wedding reception that aligns with your nutritional choices—and we’d love to help you plan it. Reach out to Mosteller Events today to ask about our venue as well as our catering team.