How to Note Dietary Restrictions on Your Wedding Invitations

When planning your wedding reception, it’s important to remember that some of your guests may have unique dietary restrictions—for example, some may have gluten allergies, some may be lactose intolerant, some may be vegans, etc. It’s not always possible to accommodate every last dietary need, especially among guests who you don’t know well, but you can certainly do your best to make your wedding reception as inclusive as possible.

There’s a flipside to this issue, which is that in some cases, the bride and groom may be the ones who have unique dietary needs. For example, maybe you and your beloved happen to be vegans and you decide to have an all-vegan wedding reception. That’s perfectly within your rights, of course—but do you owe it to your guests to let them know in advance what to expect? And if so, what’s the best way to do it?

Alerting Guests to Unique Food Situations

To answer the first question: You’re not obligated to tell people you’re having a vegan wedding but it’s certainly a polite thing to do. Guests always like getting a little preview of your wedding menu, and besides, it can help them make an informed decision about their own attendance.

As for how to let guests know about dietary limitations on your wedding menu, we’d recommend simply noting it on your invitations. There are a couple of straightforward ways to do this:

-          If you’re asking guests to RSVP for the reception, you can include a line like this: A vegan dinner will be served. This makes it clear what guests should expect without making too big a deal about it.

-          If you’re asking guests to select from a couple of food options, you can phrase it this way: Please indicate the vegan entrée of your choice. Again, it’s clear but not labored.

These are simple ways to help guests feel more comfortable in attending your big day. With any other questions about planning a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or GF wedding, reach out to Mosteller Events. We’d love to chat with you about any and all of your catering needs!