10 Things to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking

The venue selection is arguably the most important decision you’ll make in the entire wedding planning process. The venue can determine the wedding date, the theme, the size of your wedding party, and more. As such, it’s definitely not something to settle on lightly!

Before you book a venue, we recommend not just touring the place but sitting down with a venue representative to ask a few important questions.

What to Ask Before Booking Your Venue

1. Is the venue available on my chosen date? If you really want to get married on a particular date, and if that date is a deal-breaker, then you should ask about availability before anything else.

2. What’s the cost? Get a price quote but also a breakdown of what that quote consists of—and what additional fees or costs you should be aware of.

3. Is the location convenient? If you’re planning a “destination” wedding, and the venue is quite far from hotels/airports, then that’s something you’ll at least want to consider.

4. How many people does the venue hold? Always get a sense of the capacity.

5. How hard will it be to decorate? Does the venue have built-in décor that you like, or will there be a lot of work required to transform it into your perfect wedding setting?

6. What about catering? Is there an in-house catering team? Are outside catering teams allowed? What kind of kitchen space is available?

7. Who will be my point of contact? Always make sure you know who to call should you have any questions or requests leading up to your wedding day.

8. Is there a list of approved vendors? Or, is it okay to use whatever vendors you like?

9. Is there a rain plan? If you plan to get married outside, you may still want to consider potential weather plans.

10. Will my guests be comfortable here? Think about things like ease of parking, number of bathrooms, climate control—all the issues that can make or break your guests’ experience.

As you consider potential places to get hitched, make sure you give Mosteller Mansion a look! Call us today with questions or to arrange a tour.