6 Healthy Ways to Destress Before Your Wedding

Getting married is exciting—but the wedding planning process can be stressful. You have a lot of factors to juggle, a lot of vendors to coordinate, and a lot of people to please. The pressure can overwhelm, which is why we recommend finding some time to wind down and relax before the actual Big Day. In doing so, you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle as a perfectly poised, calm, and beautiful bride.

How to Destress Before Your Wedding

As for how you can handle your pre-wedding stress, here are just a few healthy remedies that our team recommends.

1. Enjoy a digital detox.

Constant activity on your phone can add exponentially to your stress—so why not put your devices away for a while and enjoy a few soothing hours of luxuriating in the tub, reading a book, listening to chill music, or simply having a drink with your fiancée?

2. Spend some time in meditation.

You may never have done it before, but there’s no reason you can’t start now! Turn down the lights, light a candle or two, and use an app to guide you in some meditation activities. Or, enroll in a local yoga class.

3. Do some pampering.

Two words: Spa day. Go by yourself for some healing solitude, or plan a trip to the spa with a close girlfriend.

4. Get some exercise.

There’s nothing like a natural endorphin rush to elevate your mood and send your stress scurrying. If you’re not already working out regularly, commit to it now.

5. Start a journal.

Sometimes, self-expression is the best way to alleviate stress. Start a journal and use it to express some of your struggles, frustrations, hopes, and joys. Extra points for keeping a gratitude journal, chronicling the things you’re thankful for during the wedding planning process.

6. Ask for help.

Overwhelmed by wedding planning tasks? Delegate! There are plenty of folks in your corner who would love to help you with whatever tasks remain on your to-do list.

With these strategies, you’re ready to move forward toward your wedding day—all while keeping stress at bay. And one more thing: If you’re stressed about finding a venue or a catering company, we’d love to help you out. Reach out to Mosteller Events today and let’s talk about all your wedding planning needs.