4 Things to Think About as You Plan Your Wedding Menu

Your wedding day should be all about you—so when it comes to selecting a menu, the first order of business is simply to pick foods that you and your fiancée like. If you’re not excited about the food, that’s a problem!

And yet, your personal tastes aren’t the only things to consider as you plan your menu. Here are a few other guideposts to bear in mind.

4 Things to Consider for Your Wedding Menu

1. Dietary Preferences

You may not have a gluten allergy, or a vegan lifestyle, or lactose intolerance—but statistically speaking, there is probably someone coming to your reception who does have some dietary limitations. It’s always wise to have at least a few options that accommodate these special needs, and your caterer can walk you through some delicious options.

2. Seasonality

Your favorite food in the whole world may be fresh strawberries—but those may be hard to come by if you get hitched outside of strawberry season, which can in turn cause your catering budget to balloon. That’s just something to keep in mind: Opting for in-season ingredients is one of the best ways to control costs.

3. Weather

You probably can’t predict whether it’s going to be rainy or sunny on your wedding day, but you should have some basic sense of what the temperature is going to be like—and that can change your menu plans. If you’re getting married in the dog days of summer, for instance, you may not want to serve something really heavy or hot. And if you’re planning a winter wedding, ice cream may not be an ideal dessert choice.

4. Formality

If you want your wedding to be really casual, a sit-down meal may not make the most sense. Finger-foods, taco bars, barbecue—those might be more logical. But by the same token, a really fancy ceremony calls for a sit-down, multi-course meal. Again, your caterer can walk you through the different options.

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