How to Get the Engagement Photos of Your Dreams

One of the most exciting parts of the engagement process is taking photos. Engagement snapshots allow you and your fiancée to celebrate the start of your new life together, and also to share your happiness with family and friends.

The most important part of engagement photos is to just have fun together—but beyond that, what can couples do to ensure the pics of their dreams? Here are a few tips and suggestions.

Getting the Best Engagement Photos

-          Pick clothes that you’re familiar with and comfortable in. Tight, clingy clothes are a bad idea, simply because you’ll spend your entire photo session worried about how things look and fit. And you don’t necessarily want to wear something you’ve never worn before, because it may make you worry about how you appear.

-          Make sure your outfits are photo-ready. In other words, steam or iron in advance of your session! Don’t leave it to your photographer to Photoshop out wrinkles!

-          Think about getting your hair and makeup done professionally. Maybe you feel totally comfortable in your own ability to handle these cosmetic issues—and if so, great! But there’s certainly nothing wrong with heading to the salon before your photo session.

-          Plan for the whole day. Don’t schedule a photo session where you’ll be rushing to get back to work. Plan on spending the day together; when the photos are done, grab lunch or do something else fun!

-          Pick the right place and time. In terms of the setting of your engagement photos, we’d simply recommend picking somewhere that’s you, and that reflects your interests and personality as a couple. Make sure you time it around the sun; a professional photographer will be able to advise you here.

-          Bring objects that mean something to you. It goes without saying that you can include your engagement ring in the photo sessions—but also feel free to bring other personally resonant items, like gifts you’ve exchanged. You might even bring along a beloved pet to participate in the sessions!

The engagement photo shoot can be a lot of fun—so enjoy it! And use these tips to make it as memorable as possible.

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