7 Questions to Ask Your Catering Company

Whether you’re planning the menu for your company’s holiday party or arranging the reception for your own wedding, it’s important to pick a reputable catering company. Before you choose a particular caterer, spend some time talking with a representative from the company, and make sure you have a clear understanding of the value they can offer.

As you do so, we recommend using these questions to guide the conversation.

7 Questions for Your Catering Company

1.      How will you run the event? The catering company doesn’t just cook; they also arrange the way in which food is served. Make sure you ask them how many servers they will send; how exactly the food will be served (buffet-style, or individually); who will handle things like the cutting of your wedding cake; etc.

2.      What are the other services you offer? Does this company make desserts? And can they offer bartending services? See if you can get all these services together in a package deal.

3.      Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? Today, most catering companies have no problem working with those who need gluten-free or vegetarian options, but it’s still good to be up front about this.

4.      Do you offer linens/plates/cups/etc.? Some catering companies will offer these items for an additional fee—and again, it’s important to know what you’re getting and how much it’s all going to cost you.

5.      Where do you get most of your ingredients? Will the catering company source their ingredients from local markets, and make seasonality a priority?

6.      How much set-up time will you need? For the purposes of procuring your wedding venue, it’s good to know about how much time your catering company will need to get situated.

7.      Can you provide a full price breakdown? It’s reasonable to ask for an itemized list of charges and fees, to see exactly where your money is going, to determine whether gratuity is built into that cost, etc.

These questions can help you and your catering company get on the same page—so don’t hesitate to speak up with these or any other inquiries you may have!

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