Who’s Supposed to Give a Toast at Your Wedding Reception?

It’s customary for the wedding reception to have at least one or two people standing to give a toast. While it’s perfectly fine to have a few impromptu toasts, you ultimately want to plan this part of your event as much as possible—striking the right tone, and also keeping the toasts fairly brief. Remember, your guests will be itching to eat, dance, and socialize—not necessarily to listen to a bunch of long speeches!

So who normally gives toasts at a wedding reception? Here’s a basic guide to wedding toast etiquette.

Who Gives Wedding Toasts?

A welcome toast. First, the people hosting the wedding are typically asked to give an introductory toast—both saluting the happy couple while also thanking everyone for being present. This job usually falls to the parents of the bride.

A blessing. If you’re having someone say a blessing over the food, it’s best to do this right after the welcome toast, and right before dinner is served.

Best Man/Maid of Honor toasts. Toasts from the Best Man and/or Maid of Honor usually come toward the end of the meal service—after everyone has received their meal, but before people start making a break for the dance floor.

The newlywed’s toast. The happy couple can speak up to thank their guests for coming—something that’s typically done right after the Best Man/Maid of Honor speeches, or after the cutting of the cake.

Planning for Your Big Day

Again, it’s alright to yield the floor to anyone who wishes to make a quick, unannounced toast—but generally speaking, you’re going to want to have a pretty good sense of who’s going to speak and when.

Toasts represent an important part of wedding planning—but of course, there’s much more to think about as your big day nears! For help with issues like catering or venue, reach out to Mosteller Events today.