Beyond the Classic Wedding Cake

The classic white wedding cake isn’t going anywhere any time soon; it will probably always be a staple of weddings around the country.

With that said, there’s no law saying you have to take the traditional approach. Maybe you and your fiancée aren’t big cake fans and would rather pick a sweet treat that’s more to your liking. Or maybe you’d simply like a dessert option that’s as unique as both of you.

In any case, it’s perfectly fine to opt for something other than a traditional wedding cake—just so long as you remember that your guests will probably expect something in the way of an after-dinner treat.

Talk to your catering team about some of the other options that you have available to you—including some of the recommendations we offer here.

Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Cake

Pick something seasonal. One option is to pick a dessert that’s seasonally appropriate. Getting married in the fall? A nice pumpkin or apple pie can be wonderfully warm and delightful, especially if you decorate it with Mr. and Mrs. toppers.

Individualize it. Another option that’s being embraced by more and more couples: Individualized, personal-sized “mini-cakes.” Not only is this a crowd pleaser, but it makes it easy for you to offer a few different kinds of cake to your guests.

Go for donuts. Maybe you and your fiancée are more donut people than cake people. There’s nothing at all wrong with a tiered donut tower; in fact, that’s something a lot of your guests will probably really enjoy!

Offer a cookie platter. Along similar lines, feel free to pick a smattering of gourmet cookies over the classic wedding cake. You might even offer glasses of milk to guests who want to dunk!

Embrace your imagination. From New Orleans-style king cakes to cupcake assortments, there’s really no limit to what you can offer your guests in lieu of a classic wedding cake. Choose something that you and your intended can both really feel excited about; something that’s really you.

Again, if you’re interested in sidestepping the traditional wedding cake options, just ask your caterer about what is available. To learn more about the culinary options that can complement your big day, reach out to Mosteller Events today!