5 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Venue

Some brides tour a dozen or more potential wedding venues before choosing the place where they’ll say “I do.” And in some cases, the right wedding venue is obvious: It just speaks to you. In other cases, though, brides may feel less certainty. Perhaps there are several good candidates, but not one that just leaps out as the obvious contender.

So how can you tell when you’ve found the right place? Here are a few signs to consider.

Signs You’ve Found Your Venue

1.      You feel comfortable with the staff. You’ll be working closely with the venue staff to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch—so always be mindful of how the staff makes you feel. Do they instill confidence? Are they pleasant to work with? Do you like the idea of them helping you coordinate your ceremony?

2.      The size is just right. You don’t want a vast ballroom for a wedding of just 30 people, and you don’t want a tiny space for your massive guest list. Size is one of the clearest and most straightforward metrics for determining that you’ve found a good spot for your wedding.

3.      The venue accommodates guests who have health issues. If you have close relatives who need wheelchair accessibility, or if your family’s allergy issues prohibit outdoor weddings, that can help you narrow down your list of venues considerably.

4.      The venue is “you,” but it’s also your partner. In other words, you know you’ve found the right venue when it captures both your sense of style as well as your intended’s.

5.      You have a rush of creativity. When you find yourself standing in a wedding venue, flush with ideas about how you can decorate and make good use of the space, that’s usually a good sign that you’ve found the sweet spot.

Keep these indicators in mind as you tour possible wedding sites—and if you think Mosteller Mansion could be the place for you, call us today! We’d love nothing more than to arrange a tour and to talk with you about what this unique space has to offer.