Renting Linens for Your Big Day

Chances are, you’ve never rented linens before—but you’ll need some on your wedding day. In some instances, the venue where you’re having your reception can provide linens and eliminate much of the guesswork for you—but more often than not, you’ll be on your own to select the linens you need for a tasteful and stylish event.

So what should you be thinking about as you look into linen rentals? Here are our guidelines.

Linen Rentals for Your Wedding

Bold is beautiful. Our first piece of advice is to remember that, when guests enter the wedding reception area, the tablecloths are the first thing they’ll notice—so you’ll want to pick something that makes a big impression. Choose vibrant colors that convey your personality, and the theme of your wedding.

Size it right. It’s tough to know which size you need to ensure the perfect drape; that’s something your linen vendor can help you with, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Create focal points. You don’t necessarily want the exact same linens for every table; in fact, it’s usually best to select different colors to emphasize focal points, such as the bride and groom’s table, food service tables, etc.

Think in patterns. It’s worth asking your linen vendor about the possibility of using different colors and textures to create a pattern; this takes more planning, but the visual effect can be truly stunning!

Always think logistically. Make sure, as you consider your linen needs, that you have a clear timeline in mind—when the linens will ship, when they will arrive, etc. We’d also recommend getting a few more linens than you need, just to be safe!

Review your contract carefully. Don’t blow your budget on hidden fees. Review your linen budget carefully to make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting, and what you’re paying.

Plan Your Perfect Wedding Reception

From the linens to the menu, each detail matters as you plan your perfect day. We’d love to help by answering any questions you have, especially about catering or about holding your reception at Mosteller Mansion. Reach out to Mosteller Events today to learn more!