Where Should You Go for Your Engagement Photos?

Getting engaged is exciting. Announcing it to your friends and family can be especially joyful. To commemorate this sweet season, many couples like to have engagement photos taken. Of course, you want to make sure your engagement photos look beautiful and timeless—and that means selecting the best location, one that offers a beautiful backdrop and plenty of natural light. Sentimental meaning for you and your fiancée is an added plus.

So how should you go about choosing the ideal location for your engagement photo session? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Picking the Right Spot for Your Engagement Photos

  • First and foremost, pick a place where you and your fiancée both feel comfortable—perhaps a place that’s meant a lot to you in your relationship together. Your engagement photo session is at least partly designed to help you get to know your photographer and to feel comfortable taking cues together—so your feelings of comfort and confidence are key.
  • Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid locations that are too busy. Does your favorite park constantly have a lot of foot traffic through it? If so, then arranging for good photos, sans strangers in the background, may prove quite challenging.
  • Remember that it’s not just about the location, but also the timing. You may love the way your favorite park looks at 7:00 PM, but what does it look like at 3:00 PM? Make sure you schedule your session for a time of day when you know roughly what the lighting will be like.
  • It’s important to coordinate your clothes with your location, too. For instance, if you really want to wear your favorite green dress, you probably shouldn’t pick a location that’s all natural greenery—because you’ll simply blend in with the backdrop.
  • A final note: Some couples like to include their furry friends in their engagement photos. That’s perfectly fine, but make sure you pick a location that allows for pups!

Find a Scenic Location for Your Engagement Shoot

Mosteller Mansion is a lovely place to have a wedding, but we also offer some excellent facilities for engagement shoots; if you’d like to schedule a tour of the mansion, just reach out to us today! Mosteller Events is happy to help you arrange all your engagement and wedding needs. Contact us now!