Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Flowers play an important part in any wedding celebration—bringing delicate beauty and glorious color to your venue, and filling your reception with wonderful signs of life.

Choosing flowers, meanwhile, can be a bit overwhelming. There can be so many options, you won’t know where to begin. Here are just a few tips to help make the process easier.

Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

-          First things first: Make a budget. A good starting point is to sit down with your intended and make a wedding budget; before meeting with a florist, you’ll want to know about how much you plan to spend on floral arrangements. Note that the average wedding budget allots somewhere between seven and 10 percent for flowers.

-          Work with a good florist. You’ll want to find flowers that fit with your wedding colors, the season, and your budget—all of which can be a lot to consider! Thankfully, a floral professional can carefully weigh all these factors and provide you with arrangements that meet all your needs. To pick a florist, we recommend:

o   Talk to friends and family to get personal recommendations.

o   Read online reviews to see what other brides have said.

o   Visit each florist’s website and social media feeds to see what their work is like.

o   When meeting with a florist, listen to your gut; you ultimately want to pick someone you enjoy working with!

-          Help your florist get a feel for your style. If you have photos of other floral arrangements you’ve liked—or Pinterest “inspiration” boards—make sure you bring them with you! Images can be really helpful for your florist to zero in on your aesthetic preferences.

-          Bring other wedding materials. Finally, make sure you provide your florist with a rundown of the colors you’re using for dresses and venue décor—and if you have real color samples to share, that’s even better!

Choosing your flowers should be fun and festive—so use these tips to make the process go smoothly. And, to see how flowers will look at Mosteller Mansion, give us a call and arrange a tour!