7 Things to Do When You Tour Wedding Venues

One of the first and most important decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process is where you’ll have your wedding. Choosing the venue is necessary before you can arrange the caterer and other vendors. The venue will also account for a large part of your budget. It may even help you determine which day you get married. The bottom line? It’s not a decision to make lightly.

We’d recommend touring at least two or three venues to get a sense of what you like—and as you tour a venue, keep the following guidelines in mind. They’ll help you get maximum value from your venue tour.

What to Do When You Tour a Wedding Venue

1.      Make an appointment. You’ll want to have a one-on-one tour with someone who works at the venue, and can answer all of your questions for you—so always call ahead to schedule your tour.

2.      Show up on time. It’s just good manners! Note: A venue tour will usually take at least 30-45 minutes, so don’t overbook too many tours on one day.

3.      Take photos. If you tour multiple venues, some of the little details may fade from your memory. Use your camera phone to take snapshots, which may be helpful to you later on.

4.      Request some private time. Choosing a venue can be emotional. Don’t hesitate to ask your tour guide for a moment to talk things over with your significant other—privately. The tour guide will be happy accommodate!

5.      Bring a list of questions. Spend some time beforehand jotting down any of the big questions you want answered about the venue—and don’t be afraid to ask your tour guide anything and everything that comes to mind.

6.      Read reviews. You should always do online research before choosing a venue, and consumer reviews (e.g., Google, Facebook, Yelp) can be really meaningful.

7.      Ask for the price. Specifically ask for a final price quote, ensuring you can budget for your venue effectively.

These guidelines will help you get a good sense of what each venue has to offer, and hopefully lead you to the wedding location of your dreams! Speaking of which: Maybe Mosteller Mansion is the place for you. We’d love to give you a tour and answer your questions! Contact us today to make an appointment.