4 Tips for Handling Your Wedding Guests’ Dietary Restrictions

When you plan your wedding reception, you obviously want to make it as inclusive as possible. Yes, it’s ultimately your day, and your first priority should be creating special memories for you and your spouse-to-be. With that said, you want your family members and your friends to have a good time, too, and to feel totally welcome at the event.

That might require you to make some accommodations for guests with different dietary restrictions—think vegans, or people who need GF or kosher meals.

That may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are four tips we recommend.

Talk to Your Caterer

First things first: Make sure you have a catering company that has ample experience working with these different dietary needs. Most do, but it’s still worth broaching the subject and asking them about any recommendations they might have for making sure every guest is taken care of.

Request Information About Dietary Needs

You may frankly have no idea about the dietary needs of your guests—so why not just ask them? When you send out your invitations, ask people to RSVP and include any details about food allergies, GF concerns, the need for a kosher or vegetarian meal, etc. As the information comes back to you, pass it along to your catering company. They can handle the rest!

Avoid Cross-Contamination

If someone in your family has a serious peanut allergy, you’ll obviously want to accommodate with some nut-free desserts—but what if you then place those desserts beside a big plate of peanut butter cookies? The cross-contamination could make all your efforts for nothing. Talk with your caterer and your venue coordinator to ensure there is a procedure in place for preventing cross-contamination of any kind.

Make the Right Preparations, Then Stop Worrying

It’s good and right to do everything you can to accommodate guests with different allergies or dietary needs—but once the big day comes, all you can really do is relax. Trust that your caterer is handling the rest, according to whatever plans you made together in advance.

Incidentally, Mosteller Events has ample experience providing wedding services that accommodate different dietary needs. We’d love to chat with you more about any of your catering needs. Reach out to Mosteller Events and let’s talk!