Vegan Party Planning: Tips from Our Catering Team

Vegans are used to going to parties, receptions, and even restaurants and having a hard time finding anything they can eat. As such, it’s natural for vegans to want to throw their own gathering where they can select the menu—ensuring that everything served is vegan-friendly!

As you consider your party planning needs, though, it’s important to ensure that the items you serve appeal to everyone—even non-vegans you invite! Here are some tips for doing so, from the Mosteller Events catering team.

Don’t Label Everything

You’re asking for trouble if you begin the party by announcing that everything served is vegan. Instead, simply allow your guests to sample the foods they like and enjoy some of the tasty options. Maybe after the fact you can tell them that everything they had was vegan, but there’s no reason to lead with that unless you’re specifically asked.

Embrace the Season

Vegan fare is naturally going to lean heavily on vegetables, which means you’ll want to stick to items that are in season. There are a couple of advantages to this. One, it keeps your costs down. Two, it makes it more likely that your produce will really be fresh and flavorful.

Choose the Right Condiments

To spice up your food offerings, you can offer plenty of tantalizing condiments—many of which are naturally vegan. Vinegar and lemon juice are staples. Many mustards and barbecue sauces will also work. And there are some great options for vegan mayonnaise and sour cream that you can use to add flavor to your dishes.

Go Big with Your Desserts

One of the great open secrets of veganism is that vegan desserts are amazing—and there are tons of delicious, non-dairy options to choose from. If you’re trying to stop your friends from looking down on your vegan lifestyle, one way you can do that is by offering them some really decadent sweets.

Remember that you can always seek help planning the perfect vegan-friendly gathering. A professional catering company can ensure that your food options are not only natural and healthy, but also attractive and tasty.

At Mosteller Events, our catering team is skilled in crafting dynamite menus that accommodate all possible dietary restrictions. We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more about our vegan catering options.