How to Provide Gluten-Free Options at Your Wedding

When planning the menu for your wedding reception, it’s important to take dietary needs and preferences into account. With a wedding party of any size, there’s a reasonable chance you might have vegetarians or vegans in attendance. And then there are those who require gluten-free options. Providing tasty and healthy GF offerings can be essential for making all your guests feel truly welcome.

But what can you do to ensure GF options are readily available? Here are a few strategies we’d recommend.

Ensuring Gluten-Free Options on Your Wedding Menu

1.      First, make sure you speak with your caterer. Simply ask for one or two gluten-free dishes to be added to the menu. Given how widespread the GF diet is, most caterers will have no trouble accommodating this request.

2.      Ask about ingredients. It’s also smart to ask your caterer to send you ingredient lists for the items on your menu, especially those set aside for people with dietary restrictions. That way, if anyone has a question or concern about what’s in a certain dish, you can provide them with information.

3.      Stick to basics. It’s always wise to provide some basic fruit-and-veggie options—a fruit salad and a garden salad, for example, without any grains added. These simple, delicious menu options will appeal to everyone, including the GF crowd.

4.      Don’t forget drinks! Remember that most beers contain gluten, so if you have GF guests coming who are over 21, you’ll want to make sure you can provide some gluten-free beer and/or wine options.

5.      Label your GF dishes! Make sure there are small signs to indicate which dishes contain GF options. (You can also label vegetarian and vegan dishes this way.) Make it easy for your GF guests to locate their foods quickly.

Building a Wedding Menu That Accommodates Everyone

As you plan the meu for your big day, it’s important to be inclusive toward those with special dietary needs. To learn more about building a wedding day menu that fits everyone, reach out to the catering team at Mosteller Events today!