When Hiring Wedding Vendors, the Order Matters


There are many plans to be laid as you get ready for your wedding day—and as you make the necessary arrangements, it’s important to be mindful of order. Simply put, hiring your vendors in the right sequence can make for a smoother and more efficient process. Here’s a quick timeline of when each vendor should be hired.

12 Months Before Your Wedding

Start with the absolute basics—vendors you’ll want to hire a year before your wedding, or as far in advance as possible.

1. Wedding Planner (if you choose to use one, the wedding planner should be the first person you hire; your wedding planner can then help you with all the other vendors!)

2.  Wedding Venue (all your other plans will hinge on the venue you select.) 

3. Photographer and Videographer (often, these are solo operations/one-man- or one-woman shows, which means availability can be dicey; as such, it’s good to hire early.) 

4. Band/DJ (same comments as photographer/videographer; these folks always get booked up quick!) 

5. Find and order your wedding dress.  

8 or 9 Months Before Your Wedding 

Once those initial plans are laid, you can shift focus to some of these vendors: 

6. Hair and Makeup (especially if you have a regular stylist who you really want to make sure is available.) 

7. Caterer (unless you’re using onsite catering at your venue.) 

8. Florist 

4 to 7 Months in Advance 

As your big day draws closer, you can wrap up your final lineup of vendors: 

9. Wedding Cake 

10. Invitations 

11. Transportation (if needed) 

Start Booking Your Wedding Vendors ASAP 

By using this basic timeline, you can make sure you’re hiring your wedding vendors in an order that makes sense—but remember that these are just suggestions, and aren’t set in stone. The important thing is to start making your plans sooner rather than later, ensuring your desired vendors can all be bought together for your wedding. 

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