What to Do with Pre-Wedding Jitters

Charlotte-Wedding-Photographers_0110We’re not saying that we want anyone to get cold feet on their wedding day, but if you happen to feel some butterflies in your stomach—believe us: We get it. And you’re not alone. It’s perfectly natural and normal to feel a little bit apprehensive on the day of your wedding. It likely has nothing at all to do with your partner or your commitment to one another, and everything to do with the sheer enormity of the day.

The trick is to find some ways to cope with your pre-wedding jitters —to work around them so that you can enjoy your day as much as possible.

Don’t let a case of bad nerves distract you from all the sweet moments on your wedding day. Instead, follow some of these tips:

  • Remind yourself that jitters are normal and that they are in no way a sign or an omen about your marriage! Don’t read anything extra into your nervousness. It’s just that: A bit of nervousness!
  • Take a few minutes for yourself, and spend them meditating or simply reflecting. Get away from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and reconnect with yourself and with what matters to you. Some find that creative expression (painting, writing…) or getting outside for a bit can help. Others prefer something like yoga or a quick jog.
  • Remind yourself of the impact stress can have in your life, and of how it can sabotage good things—like your relationship with your fiancé. If the two of you have been on edge with one another, or if you’re less patient than normal, or if you’re not feeling particularly “frisky” or celebratory—don’t sweat it. It’s probably just stress from the wedding plans, and it will pass in time.
  • Finally, allow yourself to be surprised. Remember that your day is not going to go 100 percent as you might have planned it, and that’s alright. Embrace it. Be flexible. Relinquish some control and see how much it unburdens you!

None of these strategies will totally alleviate your jitters, of course—but we hope they will help you to deal with them constructively!

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