How Employers Can Keep Drinking in Check at Their Holiday Parties

Every employer wants to provide their team with a chance to unwind, have fun, and perhaps even build a little team unity—and a holiday party is a great way to check all three of those boxes. But even well-intentioned holiday parties can sometimes spiral out of control, especially when there is alcohol involved. And when the drinking gets out of hand, it’s all too easy for other behavioral issues to crop up—along with liability issues for the employer.

Does this mean it’s best to just not serve alcohol at all? Not necessarily. There are steps employers can take to encourage drinking in moderation. Here are just a few suggestions.

How Employers Can Curb Holiday Party Drinking

  • Set expectations. There’s nothing wrong with talking to your employees up front, and reminding everyone—in a gentle and good-natured way—that certain behavioral standards still apply, even when you’re outside the office.
  • Provide drink tickets. Allow each employee to have a certain number of vouchers, each one good for one drink—and once they’ve used their tickets, there’re done, plain and simple.
  • Make employees pay for drinks. A cash bar will certainly help you moderate alcohol consumption!
  • Limit the alcohol offerings. Something a lot of HR professionals recommend is offering a restricted alcohol menu—beer and wine, maybe, without any hard liquor to contend with.
  • Provide festive alternatives. Some fun, holiday-centric, non-alcoholic cocktails can help people to buffer their drinking.
  • Offer different activities. Make sure drinking isn’t central to the party. It should never feel like the main event. Provide other ways for people to have fun, work together on a volunteer project, or simply be entertained.

You don’t have to be a spoilsport or a buzzkill, but neither do you have to settle for reckless drinking at your company’s holiday gathering. Take some steps to curb drinking, while ensuring your team members still enjoy the festivities. And to learn more about catering options for your party, reach out to Mosteller Events.


Planning for Dietary Restrictions at Your Catered Event

salad-374173_1280Any time you’re organizing a catered event, you obviously want to please as many people as possible. That’s why most catered meals come with different options, allowing each guest to pick and choose the things that sound most appealing. Of course, as you consider the different options you provide, it’s also important to take dietary restrictions into consideration.

Simply put, different people follow different guidelines for the food they consume. Sometimes, these are matters of preference, but in other cases they’re real health concerns. Regardless, your catered options should provide options that accommodate all of your guests.

If you’re aware of any specific dietary restrictions, it’s imperative to let the caterer know. In some instances, it might be wise to ask about dietary restrictions as you take reservations for the event. In other instances, you might simply instruct the caterer to ensure there are options for everyone, spanning as many dietary frameworks as possible.

Which Special Diets Should You Consider?

In terms of specific dietary needs, consider each of the following:

Gluten-free diets. Gluten-free isn’t just a health trend; for those with Celiac disease and other digestive conditions, it’s imperative.

Lactose intolerance. You’ll want to have some dining options that are dairy-free.

Nut allergies. It’s also important to cover those with hypersensitivity to various nuts. Note that Peanut Allergy is in a distinct category due to its severity.

Paleo. Those who follow the paleo lifestyle cannot consume dairy, grains, sugar, or alcohol.

Vegetarianism and Veganism. Both of these lifestyles are fairly common, enough so that you’ll definitely want to consider them at any catered event.

Handling Food Preferences

Remember that your guests, no matter their particular dietary choices, taken them seriously and expect you to take them seriously, too—which is why all of these food preferences should be treated as allergies. Don’t feel like you can fudge any of them; instead, be rigorous in ensuring that you have a caterer who will truly help guests with dietary needs and preferences feel comfortable and welcome.

That’s something the Mosteller Events catering team can assist you with. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help meet different dietary needs.

Planning a Company Holiday Party? Start Now.

christmas-tree-1149619_1280Are you in charge of planning this year’s company holiday party? Here’s our top piece of advice: Start the process sooner rather than later. Yes, it’s only now the start of springtime, and the Christmas season feels like it’s a million years away—but of course, it always gets here before you know it. Advanced planning is necessary to ensure the gathering goes off without a hitch; in fact, many companies start planning the next year’s holiday party in January!

In other words: It’s never too early. So whether you plan to have your party at Mosteller Mansion, or else to use our catering team for an off-site event, we hope you’ll find these quick tips to be useful.

Set a date as early as you can. People’s calendars fill up awfully quickly over the holiday season. December tends to be pretty jam-packed, so pick your date now and send out a save-the-date e-mail to everyone in the company. Get it on their radar before they become bogged down with other obligations. As for the time of the party, note that your employees may not be at peak productivity in the days immediately following the party, so a Thursday, Friday, or even Saturday night is probably best.

Find out what your budget is. This, of course, will dictate the rest of your party planning. Find out how much money you have to work with, then allocate it to the things you think are most important to your group—food, entertainment, alcohol, or whatever else.

Think through the type of event you’re going to have. A daytime event, or an evening one? An elegant dinner, or a casual White Elephant party? Something where spouses and partners are invited, or just your team? Think through all these dimensions of party planning.

Book your venue now. The good ones get snatched up well before December rolls around, so don’t delay!

Don’t forget about theming. The theme ties the whole party together, and provides you with a frame of reference as you strive to make everything look elegant and festive. Decide on an appealing, inclusive theme early in the planning process, and use it as the central hub of your ongoing planning efforts.

Start thinking about food and drinks now. Not to beat a dead horse, but lining everything up in advance is key for a smooth party—and that includes meeting with a caterer before the holidays actually get here.

We’re happy to start chatting with you about your holiday festivities now. Give us a call to begin the planning process today!

Planning the Perfect Corporate Party

150049_129189313802729_121080851280242_146615_1208143_nThere’s a reason most companies throw the occasional party—whether it’s a holiday get-together or simply a celebration of a major achievement. Parties are unifying. They are morale-boosting. They can bring a team together, lift everyone’s spirits, and ultimately foster better relationships and more productivity in the office.

Of course, all this hinges on the party actually being good. A downer of a party may have an effect that’s the opposite of your intentions, which makes corporate party planning of the essence.

Maybe your company has the resources to hire a party planner; whether you do or you don’t, you’re still going to need someone from the company to be involved in the strategic process and to make some decisions and some recommendations.

Maybe that person is you. If so, what are some things you can do to make your corporate party as perfect as possible? Here are some tips:

  1. Leave office stuff in the office. If it is indeed a party you’re throwing, then all work and professional business needs to be left at the door; the party is no place for a miniature meeting, unless it’s something like the CEO giving everyone a quick pat-on-the-back for a good year.
  2. The environment is important. You need to get people out of the office to a place that’s neutral, relaxed, and fun.
  3. Feeding people is a must. Frankly, the food is what people are likely to remember the most, so make sure you spring for a good caterer. Also ensure that you pick food that suits the group; is your workforce a sit-down-dinner bunch, a finger foods bunch, a BBQ bunch, etc.?
  4. Entertain them, too. There are plenty of options here—a band, a DJ, or even something interactive. Just pick something that your team will feel comfortable with.
  5. Transportation may be an issue. If you’re going to have people consuming alcohol then you may wish to think about taxis, local hotel vouchers, a DD system, or something else to minimize your liability.

We are proud to make both our Mansion and our catering team available for your next corporate event; to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us today!