Choosing a Wedding Caterer? Here are Five Things to Remember

When choosing a wedding caterer, you’re choosing the vendor who will provide you with one of the most important and memorable components of your big day. Indeed, if there’s one part of the reception that will stand out in the minds of your guests, it’s the food. But choosing a caterer isn’t just about picking food; there are actually a few different considerations you should make as you try to find the best caterer for your big day.

Here are five things we recommend you keep in mind.

Menu Flexibility

A lot of caterers have a few standard, pre-set options that they can provide—menu items they’ve perfected and found to be crowd-pleasers. That’s great, unless you have a family-favorite dish that you’re just dying to have at your wedding. Make sure your caterer can offer some flexibility—providing you not only with a nice variety of options, but also the chance to request your own spin on things.

Bar Services

Does your caterer provide a bar service—and if so, what options are available to you in terms of specialty cocktails? Make sure you know what you’re looking for by way of drinks, and ask your prospective caterer for a run-down of what they do.

Dishes, Etc.

Always ask whether your caterer provides things like plates, glassware, and utensils—and if so, what the fee is. This is a significant part of the catering cost, so it’s something you’ll want to be clear on before you make your decision.


Along the same lines, make sure you ask about linen provisions. You want to make sure the linens are good-quality—i.e., floor-length, in most cases. Ask about fees, too!

Experience and Customer Satisfaction

One final note: Menu options and linen prices aside, not all caterers are created equal—and to make sure your big day is special, it’s wise to seek someone with a proven track record and an excellent customer service mentality. Ask for credentials and referrals, but also listen to your gut instinct. If you simply don’t like working with a particular caterer, that’s all the reason you need to look elsewhere.

Of course, we are always happy to talk with you about our own catering services and our rich, long-lasting experience. Reach out to Mosteller Events today to start the conversation, or to request a quote.

5 Reasons to Hire a Catering Company

cateringNo matter the size or scope of your private party—whether it’s a lavish fundraiser or simply a get-together among friends—food is essential to ensuring that everyone remains happy throughout the festivities. There are different ways to prepare and serve food at your party, of course, and the one we hope you’ll consider is hiring a catering company.

Of course, catering companies aren’t just for weddings, and they offer advantages that you won’t get if you try to make all the food yourself. Consider five of the big benefits that hiring a catering company can bring.

Why Hire a Catering Company?

  1. You can reduce your stress. Planning the food service for a large group of people is a big undertaking—and when you’re already trying to ensure that your party space is clean and well-decorated, the cumulative effect can be considerably stressful. A good caterer will essentially take all the food responsibilities off your plate (so to speak), and allow you to focus your attention elsewhere. In other words, it’s one less thing for you to stress about.
  2. You can save time. Just imagine what all you could get done if you didn’t have to go to the grocery store, prepare food, or serve it. Well, when you hire a catering company, you don’t have to imagine.
  3. You can ensure a diverse menu. A catering company will be able to put together a list of foods that go well together, but still offer the guests some options—and also accommodate different dietary needs, if applicable.
  4. You’ll know that every detail is being attended to. Catering companies don’t just offer food; they see to all aspects of the food service, including logistics and presentation. You don’t have to worry about any of that, yet you know it’s all being handled satisfactorily.
  5. You’ll make a statement. When you cater an event, that’s something that’ll stick with your guests. They will remember the event as a really special and important one—and isn’t that part of your goal in hosting the event?

Ask Us About Our Catering Service

We’d love to talk with you more about the benefits of hiring a catering company like Mosteller Events. Contact us at your leisure to get the conversation started!

Planning a Catered Lunch for Your Office

salad-777791_640It’s always fun when lunch is provided for all the employees at your place of work; no matter what the food is, it makes the day feel special, just a little bit out of the ordinary—perhaps even fun! But of course, there’s a lot of work that needs to happen in order to make that fun happen. And if you’re in charge of planning the catered lunch, that work falls to you.

What do you need to do to make sure the day is special, that the catered lunch goes off without a hitch? Consider a few basic pointers:

  • Get a final headcount. This is an obvious point, but so important: You don’t want anyone to be left out. You don’t want anyone with hurt feelings and a rumbling tummy. Make sure you check the headcount before the event, and make it clear that people who haven’t signed up by a certain time simply won’t have meals provided.
  • Provide options… but not too many. It’s great to get input on what people want to eat, but if you leave things open-ended—“So what do you guys want to eat?”—you’re going to get a thousand different answers, which is unhelpful. Instead, speak with your caterer about a handful of options, and present them to your co-workers to be narrowed down.
  • Consider the location. The room in which you hold your lunch matters. Think in particular of the layout. Will lunch be served while a meeting or presentation is being held? If so, make sure the food service table is not on the same end of the room as the presentation.
  • Consider time restraints. If you’ve only got a narrow window for your lunch, consider menu items that don’t require a lot of setup or preparation… things that can be set out for serving pretty much as is.
  • Remember, you need more than food. Napkins, wet wipes, perhaps even some mints—all of these can be nice touches to make your catered lunch special.

At Mosteller Events, we work with a lot of catered office functions, and would love to lend further expertise. Call us today with any questions you still have, or to plan a menu for your catered office event!