About Us

Founded in 2012, Mosteller Events seeks to bring a touch of elegance and a depth of taste to your special day—whether it’s a wedding or a reception, a holiday formal or simply a corporate get-together. We are proud to offer a range of hospitality services, all of them predicated on a rich history: Both the history of the magnificent Mosteller Mansion itself, and also our team’s combined five decades of hospitality and culinary experience.


The mansion itself is at the heart of our company, and gives it its very name. Constructed in 1987 and refurbished in 2005, Mosteller Mansion was always intended to be a classy, elegant building, yet also a warm and inviting one. It effortlessly balances the timeless and the rustic, and we have sought to maintain that balance even while expanding the home’s features, comforts, and amenities. Today, it is an ideal venue for intimate parties, weddings, and gatherings, offering plenty of indoor and outdoor options alike.

Single-room and full-house rentals are both available, but Mosteller Events is also eager to impress beyond our facility: Our catering team proudly serves events off-site as well as on, and we have a lavish menu of established favorites that are sure to bring flare to your event. Additionally, we eagerly accommodate any “off-menu” catering requests, so don’t hesitate to ask for your favorite dishes!

To learn more about what we do—in our Mansion or at your event—please contact Mosteller Events today!