How to Save Money on Your Wedding Florist

floristEvery bride has a budget, and the wedding planning process often involves looking for some areas to save a few bucks. You may not want to risk scrimping on your caterer or your DJ, so where does that leave you? Try looking to your florist’s services as one potential place to reduce wedding costs.

Make no mistake: You can get beautiful wedding arrangements without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways to do that.

Set a budget for your wedding flowers, and communicate it to your florist. Be clear in articulating the limits of what you are willing to spend in flowers. From there, give your florist some notes and direction, but also trust him or her to take your guidance and run with it.

Choose flowers that are both local and in-season. That’s the best way to get stunning flowers for the most reasonable prices. Blossoms that are available year-round, like roses, are also good options.

Choose flowers that have big blossoms. By picking blossoms that are really big and eye-catching, and incorporating them into your centerpieces, you can often get by with fewer of them.

Find cheaper alternatives to expensive flowers. Get some photos of arrangements you like, show them to your florist, and ask the florist to help you replicate that basic look and effect with some less expensive stems.

Be open to anything. You may have no interest in having roses in your wedding—but wait: Your florist may be able to find some truly stunning varieties that are available for a low, low price. At least be willing to look at them with an open mind.

Limit yourself to a couple of different kinds of flowers. If you’re alright with just a couple varieties of stem, your florist can buy them in bulk and get better prices. You may save money on labor, too.

Flowers are important to creating the right mood of elegance and beauty at your wedding—and you don’t want to compromise on their place in the ceremony. That doesn’t mean you can’t be smart in shopping for them, though, and ultimately save yourself some money.

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7 Tips for DIY Wedding Planners

reception-1470687_1280Planning a wedding requires you to juggle about a thousand different things while investing yourself in a lot of small decisions every single day—decisions about venue, colors, cake, videographers, and on down the list. It’s little wonder that many brides and grooms outsource some of the nitty-gritty work to wedding planners. Not every budget has room in it for a pro, however—so what about those who are left to wedding plan on a DIY basis?

This can be hard but also rewarding. Here are some tips to make sure it’s more the latter than the former!

  1. Consider hiring a professional planner on a limited basis. You may not be able to hire a planner to do everything, but maybe you can enlist someone to help you arrange a few vendors. Planners can often get vendors at sharply discounted rates, so this could actually save you money in the scheme of things.
  2. Know where to start. Diving head-first into wedding planning can be overwhelming. You may not know where even to begin. Our advice? Have a baseline. Start with budget and guest list, and work from there.
  3. Be cautious about hiring family members and friends. You may have an uncle who’s a great photographer or a sister who makes beautiful cakes—but enlisting someone with a big emotional investment in the wedding can bring as much complication as ease. Be careful about going down this road.
  4. Be flexible. Remember that, in seeking vendors and venues, you’re essentially competing against everyone else who got engaged when you did. Not everything will work out exactly as you hope, and you’ve got to be willing to roll with the punches. Have backup dates and a plan B in mind, just in case.
  5. Stay organized! Use the right tools to keep up with important information, dates, and documentation. Something like Google Docs can be great if you’re working on the wedding plans with your fiancée, your mom, your best friend, etc.
  6. Put some time into screening your vendors. Don’t hire a band until you’ve heard them play. Don’t hire a caterer until you’ve tasted the food. These people will charge you a lot of money, so make sure you know what you are getting into. Don’t cut corners here!
  7. Keep things in perspective. Not everything will go perfectly on your big day, and that’s okay. You’ll be married, you’ll be together with friends and family, and you’ll have fun. Don’t get bogged down in the little stuff. Keep your eye on the big picture!

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