4 Common Wedding Reception Problems—And How to Avoid Them

weddingreceptionThe day of your wedding is supposed to be perfect—and it will be! Even if a few little things go wrong, you’ll be surrounded by your friends, your family, and, of course, the love of your life. Nothing’s going to ruin those good vibes! Even so, there are a few not-uncommon wedding reception problems that you might want to make yourself aware of—and to plan for, well in advance of your big day.

Here are four little things that can crop up during your wedding reception, along with our quick tips on heading them off at the pass.

Problem #1: You’ve got adorable children present at your wedding—a sweet little flower girl or a cuddly ring bearer, perhaps—but once they get a taste of that sugary wedding cake, they start bouncing off the walls!

You are always welcome to invite kids to your formal occasion, but you can’t actually force them to uphold that formal mood. It’s best not to even try. Instead, keep them engaged somehow—placing all the kids at their own table, perhaps with crayons and coloring pages for them to entertain themselves. You might also consider getting an extra hotel suite and hiring a sitter, who can hang with them and perhaps let them watch Frozen while you and your grown-up guests party.

Problem #2: As the wedding reception winds down, you have a lot of happy guests who have had a few drinks—perhaps a few too many to drive themselves home.

If you’re serving alcohol at your wedding, it’s both smart and courteous to hire a shuttle service (or just a couple of Uber drivers, maybe) to take tipsy guests back to their nearby hotels following the reception.

Problem #3: Your reception site boasts an amazing view—but the sun is so bright that it blinds your guests!

First of all, plan ahead. Arrange to tour your reception spot at the exact time of day that you plan to hold your reception. Also keep in mind that the season may change the lighting. One way to prevent your guests from being blinded is to get some sheer curtains or pieces of cloth that can be hung to block some of that sunlight.

Problem #4: You’re loving your romantic, candlelit reception—but the candles are about to run out, and leave you and your guests in the dark!

This one’s simple: Make sure you invest in a few extra candles of each type that you are using, and ask a member of the wedding party to be in charge of monitoring and changing out candles as needed.

Again, none of these issues are going to ruin your big day—especially not if you plan for them! To learn more about planning your dream wedding, keep tabs on the Mosteller Events blog!

4 Planning Mistakes That Can Derail Your Company Holiday Party

bow-595868_1280Being placed in charge of the company holiday party is no small thing. Actually, you have a pretty awesome responsibility to create an environment that is fun, memorable, and inclusive—the kind of party that bolsters everyone’s spirits and makes each employee feel glad to be part of the team.

As you plan this year’s holiday party—something that you are hopefully already doing—keep in mind some of the biggest planning blunders that can cause your party to fall flat. These are the things you want to avoid!

Mistake #1: Delaying the planning process. We’ve already hinted at this one: The time to start planning the party is yesterday. Some companies start planning their holiday gatherings as early as January, believe it or not—and while you don’t necessarily have to begin that early, you should start planning by summer or early fall so that you can secure the venue and vendors you want and potentially score better deals.

Mistake #2: Relying too heavily on alcohol. There’s certainly nothing wrong with serving drinks at your party, but don’t make that the only reason for participants to be pumped about attendance. Food, music, and entertainment are all critical. Trust us: You really don’t want a party where people have nothing to do but drink.

Mistake #3: Scrimping on the food. Speaking of which, if there’s any part of your party that you really want to spend top dollar on, make it the food—because honestly, that’s what people will remember. That’s what people will talk about. That’s what will make your party a hit!

Mistake #4: Not publicizing your party. Start spreading excitement for your party now! Let people know that something fun is on the way. Send out save-the-dates several weeks before the party arrives. Don’t make the party something people find out about at the last minute.

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t have a venue and a caterer lined up, start there! Contact us today to ask about the availability of Mosteller Events. Remember: It’s never too early to start planning the perfect holiday party!

Do You Need a Videographer at Your Wedding?

There are some wedding vendors you just can’t live without. You need a caterer if you want your guests to have any fun; you probably want a photographer, too, to ensure you have some mementos to remember your big day. Other services may be a little less mandatory, though. Take the videographer, for example. Do you need someone to capture your ceremony on video? That’s really down to your personal preference.

Understand that videography is a comparatively new wedding expense. People have been having weddings for a long time now, and only recently have videographers really been in the mix. If you want to free up some space in your wedding budget and ditch the video, that’s completely fine.

Before you make that decision, though, you may want to think through a few pros and cons. Here are some to consider.

The Pros of Hiring a Videographer

  • You’ll get to relive your wedding day as often as you want to over the years.
  • You’ll get to see it from a new perspective—the perspective of your wedding guests.
  • You’ll actually get to pause and notice all the sweet details that may have eluded your focus while you were standing at the front!
  • You may one day have kids or grandkids who wish to know more about your wedding, and ask to see the footage.

The Cons of Hiring a Videographer

  • Then again, there is always the issue of cost; note that a good videographer will add thousands of dollars to your wedding budget!
  • You can take a risk and hire a low-cost videographer, but note that you get what you pay for, and you may end up with a low-quality wedding video.
  • You may ultimately feel like the wedding video is something you just don’t need. Maybe you’d rather remember it from your vantage point on your actual wedding day, not from some vantage point out in the crowd.

Again, it really comes down to your preference and your budget. Hopefully, these pointers help you make an informed decision!

Learn more about wedding planning by checking out past entries at the Mosteller Events blog.