5 Things to Do Before Touring a Wedding Venue

No bride will ever select her wedding venue sight unseen—nor should she. It’s important to actually visit the place, to walk around and get a feel for it first-hand before you sign on to host your big day there. More likely than not, you’ll tour a few different venues before settling on the one that’s best for you.

You can save yourself some time by doing a few simple things upfront—before you ever set foot on a particular wedding site. Here are five basic preparations we recommend you make before you go touring.

  1. Get a rough estimate of how many people you plan to invite. Sit down with your fiancée and really think through the guest list, as not every venue will be willing or able to accommodate a wide number of wedding sizes. All of them will have an upper limit, while some will have a minimum. There’s no need to waste time with a venue that is simply way too big or way too small for your dream wedding.
  2. Figure out your wedding budget. If a particular venue is simply too much for you to afford, it’s best to know that up front. Note that you never want to spend more than 50 percent of your wedding budget on the actual venue. You can likely find out the cost of a particular place without needing to tour it, too.
  3. Look at some photos of the venue in use. To really get an idea of what the venue might feel like on your wedding day, it can be helpful to see some photos of it fully staged, which it probably won’t be on your tour. You can search for images on local wedding photographers’ blogs, or simply e-mail the venue staff and ask for some snapshots.
  4. Choose your wedding date. Settle on the day you want to get married before you pick the place, remembering that off-season dates may let you save some money on the venue.
  5. Call the venue and confirm the availability of your date before you set up a tour. Remember that wedding dates can book up quickly, and far in advance, so it never hurts to verify this over the phone.

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