5 Key Questions About Your Wedding Invitations

rings-877936_1280Though it may be just a small slip of paper, your wedding invitation is ultimately one of the key components of your big day, as it provides your guests with valuable information about attendance. As such, it’s only natural to wonder about some of the particulars of the invitation process. Here, we have some quick answers to the five most common inquiries about wedding invitations.

How Early Should You Send Out Invitations?

The rule of thumb is six to eight weeks, which should give guests ample opportunity to clear their schedules; you may want to send a save-the-date, as well, which you can do a full six to eight months in advance. Note also that for destination weddings, some extra warning is key, and you may want to send invitations a full three months in advance.

How Long Should You Give Guests to RSVP?

Give your guests until two to three weeks before the wedding day to send in their RSVP—time enough for you to get a final headcount and do all the last-minute planning.

Should You Include Your Registry Information on Invitations and Save-the-Dates?

Doing so is still considered to be a bit impolite, as it basically comes across like you’re asking for presents; what you can and should do is include your wedding website link on the invitation, and make sure the website has registry links.

Should Your Wedding Invitation Include Dress Code?

If you think it necessary to specify black-tie apparel or cocktail casual, then by all means do so. The lower right-hand corner of the invitation is traditionally reserved for just this purpose.

Is It Okay to Invite Everyone to the Wedding, But Not to the Reception?

You may like the idea of having a large ceremony followed by a smaller, intimate reception, but this frankly isn’t very polite or very kind. Anyone who comes to the ceremony should be invited to the reception!

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Finding the Sweet Spot: Five Wedding Cake Alternatives

cupcakes-1208234_1280It goes without saying that wedding cake has been the traditional centerpiece of any wedding reception—not just a crowd-pleasing dessert but also a key component in post-wedding rituals. While the wedding cake may be traditional, there is no law saying that you have to have one, and in fact many couples are eschewing the wedding cake altogether. Maybe you don’t like cake, or maybe you just want to do something a little different. Either way, there are some alternatives available that you might consider.


Cupcakes are similar enough to traditional wedding cakes that you’re not likely to get any complaints, and in fact there are some significant advantages to picking cupcakes—namely, you can mix and match several different flavors, allowing your guests a lot of great options for their dessert course. Plus, cupcake towers can make for truly eye-catching centerpieces, just as much as any traditional cake can.

Ice Cream

Giving your guests the chance to mix and match ice cream flavors or even make their own sundaes can add a spirit of whimsy to your reception—just the thing to ensure that your get-together is fun and casual, not stuffy. The only caveat here: Ice cream is hard to pull off in an outdoor, summer ceremony.


Though not as fancy or as elegant as wedding cake, pie can be just as tasty—plus, with a fall wedding reception, an apple or pumpkin pie can add just the right dash of seasonal flavor.


If you really want to provide your guests some fun, tasty options, you can offer them with an array of smaller desserts to choose from—dessert shots, macaroons, cream puffs, and cookies. Ideally, you’ll have at least four or five options for people to pick from as they fill up their plates.


Believe it or not, many couples create donut towers as their reception centerpieces, allowing their guests to choose from an assortment of elegantly decorated donuts. Just ask yourself: Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like donuts?

The bottom line: You can make your wedding treats whatever you like, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to inquire more about what our catering and event planning teams can do for you!