5 Things to Know About Fall Weddings

tree-779827_1280Every bride wants her wedding day to be just so, so she puts a lot of time and effort into planning the big day and all its festivities. Not every bride’s plans are created equal, however. Different tastes and preferences account for different priorities. And that’s to say nothing of seasonality. For outdoor weddings, especially, the time of year when you hold your wedding is of critical importance. This is true whether you’re considering the high heat of summer, the frequent showers of spring, the hazards of winter—or even some of the idiosyncrasies of fall.

Maybe that’s the boat you’re in: You love the crisp air and the beautiful autumn foliage, so you’re planning to get hitched sometime between summer and Christmas. For those planning a fall wedding, there are a few particular points you’ll want to keep in mind.

Key Points About Fall Weddings

For many wedding vendors, fall is technically the off season. Summer remains the most popular time for tying the knot, so many wedding vendors will be willing to give you a discount for your fall wedding—but you don’t know unless you ask! The worst that can happen is you’ll get a no.

You’re free to use whatever color scheme you like. Don’t feel like you have to plan your wedding colors around fall foliage, unless you just want to. There’s no law or even etiquette rule that says you must adhere to autumnal colors.

You’re free to serve whatever food you like, too—but fall favorites are always a hit! Serve what you like at the wedding reception, but remember that seasonal flavors like pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and other spices always sit well with people.

Outdoor weddings aren’t off limits. Just because the weather is chilly doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate outside—though it does mean you should check with your venue about heat lamps and other such features.

You need to let your guests know about the venue. The last thing you want is for people to show up to your wedding and shiver the whole time because they weren’t clear that the venue was outdoors. Make sure your guests know to bring coats, shawls, or whatever else they might need.

So what else do you need to know before planning your fall wedding? We’re all ears! Give us a call today to learn more about fall weddings at Mosteller Mansion.

What’s a Maid of Honor to Do?

hair-791295_1280In our last blog post we offered a quick recap of the Best Man’s role—what he’s traditionally been tasked with in the days leading up to the wedding, during the wedding itself, and even in its aftermath. It’s only fair now that we turn our attention to one of the other key figures in any wedding: The Maid of Honor, or in some cases the Matron of Honor. (We’ll just use the term Maid throughout this piece, but know that for our purposes today they are interchangeable.)

If this is a role you’re taking on in the near future, it can be helpful to study up on your responsibilities—ensuring that you really come through for your dear sister or girlfriend.

With that said, here are some quick pointers:

  • Plan the bridal shower. Assuming the bride wants one—and most brides probably will—plan the bachelorette party, too.
  • Help the bride in spreading the word about where she and the groom are registered. This is especially important in the days leading up to the shower.
  • At the shower, keep a record of which gifts the bride receives and who gifted them—ensuring the bride can send prompt and accurate thank-you notes.
  • Accompany the bride in dress shopping. This is one of the most fun parts of being a Maid of Honor!
  • Coordinate the bridesmaid duties; ensure that each one does what she needs to do on time—i.e., getting fitted for a dress, purchasing the needed accessories, etc.
  • Prepare a toast to give at the wedding reception. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy, but generally the Maid of Honor does say a few quick words after the Best Man’s toast.
  • Be there for the Bride, and willing to help her with whatever she needs help with—addressing invitations, making plans, calling vendors, you name it.

It’s a big job—and a rewarding one! Hopefully this checklist will help you stay on top of it. With any additional questions about specific wedding plans, don’t hesitate to call us at Mosteller Events.