Best Practices for the Best Man

wedding-1031493_1280When the groom selects his Best Man for the wedding, he usually picks him based on loyalty and friendship; maybe it’s an old buddy from college or even high school, someone who’s been there through thick and thin. Traditionally, many men have picked their dear ol’ dad for this hallowed position. There’s no bad pick, of course; the thing is just to pick a buddy whose friendship and support mean something, both to the groom and to the bride.

Here’s the thing about best men, though: Most have never actually been a best man before, and they may be a little fuzzy on exactly what the best man is supposed to do.

You don’t want to let any of these important duties slip through the cracks, of course, so we’ve put together a quick checklist. You can send it to any best men you know as a gentle nudge, a friendly reminder of what their duties entail!

  • Serving as the groom’s advisor and assistant—helping him pack for the honeymoon and make sure he’s got all the personal items he needs for the day of the wedding, for instance.
  • Helping the groom to plan and rent/buy formal wear for all the men in the wedding party—with the bride’s blessing, of course!
  • Putting together a bachelor party! You can always enlist some of the other groomsmen for this critical task as well.
  • Showing up to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner—if only to support the groom, and to make sure you know what you’re supposed to do during the ceremony.
  • Standing beside the groom at the altar and—this is key—having the ring safe and easily accessible. Don’t keep it somewhere you’ll have to fumble for it when the big moment comes!
  • Witness the signing of the marriage license.
  • Giving the officiant his or her fee; the groom is tasked with paying for it, but the best man can handle the actual transmission.
  • Being announced during the reception, and dancing with the maid of honor.
  • Giving the first toast during the reception.
  • Decorating the getaway car, assuming that’s something the bride and groom are both going to be cool with.
  • Making sure all the other groomsmen are doing their duties.

It’s a big job—and an important one. It’s also an honor—so when you’re called into best man duty, try to really enjoy it!

For any questions or comments about the logistics of your Mosteller Mansion wedding, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Planning a Company Holiday Party? Start Now.

christmas-tree-1149619_1280Are you in charge of planning this year’s company holiday party? Here’s our top piece of advice: Start the process sooner rather than later. Yes, it’s only now the start of springtime, and the Christmas season feels like it’s a million years away—but of course, it always gets here before you know it. Advanced planning is necessary to ensure the gathering goes off without a hitch; in fact, many companies start planning the next year’s holiday party in January!

In other words: It’s never too early. So whether you plan to have your party at Mosteller Mansion, or else to use our catering team for an off-site event, we hope you’ll find these quick tips to be useful.

Set a date as early as you can. People’s calendars fill up awfully quickly over the holiday season. December tends to be pretty jam-packed, so pick your date now and send out a save-the-date e-mail to everyone in the company. Get it on their radar before they become bogged down with other obligations. As for the time of the party, note that your employees may not be at peak productivity in the days immediately following the party, so a Thursday, Friday, or even Saturday night is probably best.

Find out what your budget is. This, of course, will dictate the rest of your party planning. Find out how much money you have to work with, then allocate it to the things you think are most important to your group—food, entertainment, alcohol, or whatever else.

Think through the type of event you’re going to have. A daytime event, or an evening one? An elegant dinner, or a casual White Elephant party? Something where spouses and partners are invited, or just your team? Think through all these dimensions of party planning.

Book your venue now. The good ones get snatched up well before December rolls around, so don’t delay!

Don’t forget about theming. The theme ties the whole party together, and provides you with a frame of reference as you strive to make everything look elegant and festive. Decide on an appealing, inclusive theme early in the planning process, and use it as the central hub of your ongoing planning efforts.

Start thinking about food and drinks now. Not to beat a dead horse, but lining everything up in advance is key for a smooth party—and that includes meeting with a caterer before the holidays actually get here.

We’re happy to start chatting with you about your holiday festivities now. Give us a call to begin the planning process today!