Answering Some Common Questions About Wedding Etiquette

weddingcakeWhen it comes to planning your perfect wedding, so much of the process boils down to your own personal vision, taste, and creativity. With that said, there are some issues that are a bit more black-and-white—which is not to say straightforward or obvious! These bits of wedding etiquette can be tricky to maneuver, so we’ve listed a few of the more common questions below, along with some quick tips and tidbits.

In what order should you tell people about your engagement?

The general rule of thumb here is to tell your kids first, if you have them; from there, tell parents and family members and then close friends before making any general announcement. The big thing here is just to make sure you don’t post it to social media before you tell everyone you need to tell in person.

Does my father have to be the one to walk me down the aisle?

Depending on your family situation and your personal preference, you may wish to have mom, dad, both parents, or someone else altogether walk you down the aisle, or even to walk all by yourself. There is now wrong answer here, but do communicate with the people impacted by this decision—and don’t put it off to the last minute.

How long should guests have to RSVP?

Provide at least 15 days between the arrival of the invitation and the RSVP due date.

Should you send an invitation to people you know cannot attend?

If someone tells you they have a conflict, and you know for a fact they cannot attend, then it’s polite not to send an invitation – as the invitation presumes that your guest will send a gift.

Is it alright to skip the cake-cutting part of the reception?

The wedding cake is definitely a tradition that is alright to skip, especially if you have a preferred sweet—pie, cookies, cupcakes, or whatever else—in its place.

Is it alright to use a phone to upload pictures of the wedding during the wedding?

This answer may not be popular with some, but it’s really best to ask the couple’s permission before broadcasting any details that they may not want shared online; plus, sharing photos takes you out of the ceremony and keeps you from really engaging in it fully!

Hopefully these pointers are helpful; we’ll answer some more common questions at a later date. For now, if you have any questions about planning a wedding at Mosteller Mansion, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

When NOT to Scrimp in Your Wedding Planning

getting-married-1193844_1280Every bride has a budget, and every wedding is planned under certain financial constraints. Over the course of your wedding planning, there will likely come a moment—perhaps several of them—when you realize you need to cut some corners or make some sacrifices in order to keep your budget under control.

Learning to be frugal is important, but so is realizing when you shouldn’t scrimp—when you should take the old adage seriously, that you get what you pay for. Your No Compromise areas are for you to decide, of course, but here are a few areas where we recommend you allow yourself a bit of extravagance.

Your venue. The ambiance of your venue sets the tone for your entire day; it determines your aesthetics, the comfort of your guests, the number of people you can invite, and even the catering options that are available for you. You want the locale of you wedding to be somewhere special—somewhere that means something to you or simply somewhere you’ll feel happy. Don’t settle for a venue you aren’t in love with.

Your entertainment. If you want your wedding reception to die out quickly, hire a sloppy band or a low-energy DJ. But if you really want people to have a good time, make sure you invest in an entertainer who will get people moving and engaged!

A photographer you feel comfortable with. Your photographer will play a key role in ensuring you have treasured memories and keepsakes from your wedding. You want someone who will do good work, but also someone with whom you feel comfortable talking about what you want, how you want your day to be remembered, and so on.

The comfort of your guests. This is sort of a catch-all category, but basically what we mean is that you don’t want to cut corners if it means your attendees will have a poor or uncomfortable time. Seating, lighting, and a smooth flow of events are all important considerations here.

Stick to your budget and make sacrifices where you can—but also remember that some aspects of wedding planning are bigger priorities than others!

To talk with us about pricing for our venue or our catering services, contact Mosteller Events today.

Don’t Forget Your Wedding Day Signage!

marriage-923660_1280There are many aspects of planning a wedding, from the really big and obvious items down to the little flourishes and small touches. One thing you don’t want to forget about is signs. Your wedding day is going to spill out over several rooms or areas at your chosen venue, and it’s important to provide your guests with some sense of navigation—some signs pointing them in the direction they want to go.

As you think about having wedding signs made ahead of time, you obviously want to make sure they’re designed in a style that you like and that fits with the rest of your wedding décor—whether that means playful or formal. It’s also smart to check with your venue to see if there are any rules or limitations placed on signage, or if the venue itself has some signs they can provide.

You also want to make sure you have all the right kinds of signs—including these:

Welcome signs, simply greeting your guests upon their arrival, confirming that they are in the right place, and setting a warm tone for the day.

Navigation signs, pointing your guests toward the ceremony, the reception, the dance floor, event space, etc.

Bride and groom signs, making it clear where you and your beloved will sit during the reception. (This is usually pretty obvious, but making these signs can still be fun!)

Food and drink signs, which can make it clear where guests can find different cuisines, specialty drinks, beverages for the kids, etc.

A Just Married sign—for pictures, of course!

Making signs can be a fun, crafty project to handle with your family members or bridesmaids, and they can add a real splash of flavor to your big day. Don’t forget ‘em—and don’t hesitate to contact Mosteller Events with any questions you might have!