Decorating Your Reception Space: Strategies and Tips

01When it comes to your wedding day, there’s no detail too small, no decision too insignificant to be left up to chance. The little things matter, and that includes all the decorating decisions you make for your reception space.

So, what can you do to make your reception area look as tasteful, as elegant, and as memorable as possible?

That ultimately hinges on your personal taste, and also on the nature of the facility you’re using. So there are no right or wrong answers here—but there are some suggestions we would make as you think about making the best use of your reception space.

A few of them:

  • Think dimensionally. Long, narrow tables can be a little bit boring, but you can make them seem more dynamic by bringing some height to the table; use something like a candlestick or a vase to make the space feel more expansive.
  • Consider shapes. Don’t feel like you’re restricted to standard round plates; instead, try to get plates that imitate the shape of your tables!
  • Balance windows. If you’ve got a giant, oversized window you’re dealing with, offset it with a longer table—making the room feel intimate, not bare.
  • Take a trio approach. If you’re working with smaller, round tables instead of banquet tables, remember that you don’t have to make every table the same. Come up with three different designs and alternate them, bringing some variety to your décor.
  • Bring in color. Accent your room with celebratory colors wherever you can. Seat cushions are one place where you can make a splash.
  • Consider your formality. Want more of a formal setting? Use floor length table cloths. If casual’s what you’re going for, though, exposed table space is ideal!

Of course, the list could go on and on—but to return to our original point, a lot of your decorating decisions will be based on the venue itself.

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Save Money on Wedding Favors

83111494It’s customary for brides and grooms to give their wedding guests some small tokens of their thanks—parting gifts by which wedding guests can remember the big day and feel glad that they attended.

The problem with wedding favors, of course, is that a really nice one will cost a few bucks—and when you multiply that by 100, 200, 300, or however many guests, the price can obviously snowball. And that eats into your wedding budget!

So how can you control these costs? The simplest option is to simply not do wedding favors at all, which is perfectly fine. It’s your wedding and your call, and nobody will resent you for not passing out little trinkets or gifts.

Get Good Deals on Your Wedding Favors

But if wedding favors are something you really want to do, then you should. Don’t compromise. Just look for some ways to get your gifts more affordably. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Poke around town for a little shop or boutique that’s going out of business, and ask if you can secure a discount by buying up their stock of a particular item.
  • Go directly to a wholesaler and buy wedding favors in bulk—chocolates, soaps, or whatever else.
  • Do some shopping on Etsy and look for a vendor who offers deals on bulk orders. This is a great way to save money on unique, handcrafted items!
  • Time your wedding favor shopping to coincide with big seasonal discounts. The week after Christmas is often a good time for this.
  • If you find a good deal on gift baskets, consider buying several of them, dismantling them, and repackaging or repurposing the individual items.
  • Get creative with your packaging, too. You can often buy a big roll of cellophane paper from a local florist, which is cheaper than buying individualized packaging for each favor.

Again, whether you want to do favors or not is your business—but if it’s something you care about, don’t let price keep you from pursuing it!