What Your Wedding Caterer Will Ask You

2f6a3a2ab14d06b3b580ac11ceece04cWe’ve blogged before about the importance of asking the right questions to your wedding catering company—ensuring you’ve picked the best caterer for you and making certain that everyone is on the same page. But of course, communication is a two-way street, and just as you should come prepared with questions to ask your caterer, you should also be ready to answer the questions your caterer will ask you.

In other words: Hiring the caterer probably shouldn’t be the very first thing you do in planning your wedding. Instead, you should get some of the basics in place before you even call the caterer—ensuring that when your caterer asks you some standard questions, you know what to say.

What Questions Should You Expect?

But what will your caterer ask you? Most of it is pretty common sense, but it’s still worth going down the list to make sure you know the answer. Some of the standard questions include:

  • What’s the wedding date?
  • What’s the venue? Has it already been reserved? Who is your contact person from the venue, and what do you know about the venue’s policies regarding external caterers?
  • How many people do you plan to invite to your wedding?
  • Who are your other vendors? Do you have any specific vendors booked at this point—music, photography, videography, flowers, cake, etc.?
  • Have you selected your wedding colors yet?
  • What size/shape tables were you hoping for—and does the venue have them already?
  • What are your thoughts or wishes with regard to napkins, table clothes, chairs, centerpieces, glassware, silverware, etc.?
  • Do you want alcoholic beverages to be served? If so, do you want the caterer to provide it?
  • What’s your budget, per person?
  • Do you have any family favorites or specific dishes you know you want to be included?
  • What kind of service are you hoping for? Appetizers? A sit-down meal? A buffet? Something formal or something informal?
  • Do you want water, lemonade, and tea to be provided?
  • Will there be any children at the wedding?
  • Are there any special dietary requests you need to have accommodated—Kosher, gluten-free, etc.?

Don’t be surprised when you get all of these questions and more—and don’t be hesitant to answer as honestly as you can! To start the conversation with one of our Mosteller caterers, give us a call today!

Should You Get Married on a Major Holiday?

bridesuite3This time of year, everyone’s thinking about the holidays. But of course, many are also thinking about getting married, and perhaps even looking to set a date for some time next year. This all but begs the question: Is it ever a good idea to get married on a holiday?

Perhaps you’ve attended a wedding that was held on Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve—even some time around Christmas. If so, then you probably know first-hand what some of the pros and cons could be. But if you’re thinking of a holiday date for your own nuptials, it may be worth listing some of these advantages and disadvantages in greater detail.

Advantages of Getting Hitched on a Holiday

The nice thing about getting married on or near a holiday is that, if it’s a major one, you and your guests are already going to have some time off from work—making it a bit easier for people to take some time to be with you. And indeed, if you get married on a Sunday evening and then Monday is a major holiday, that empowers your guests to really cut loose and have a great time at the wedding—knowing they have a full day off to recover.

Holidays can also provide you with some great themes on which to hang your wedding; indeed, if you just really like Christmas or the Fourth of July, these festive days can provide plenty of opportunities for a chic, structured wedding day.

Downsides of Holiday Weddings

Then again: While having time off to travel to a wedding can be nice, not everyone is going to want to use their PTO or their holiday to see you get married. Some guests may find the timing a little presumptuous, and some may decline to come at all.

More practically, flights and hotel accommodations are more expensive around the holidays. There are also the logistics of your vendors. Getting a florist on Valentine’s Day can cost an arm and a leg, and booking a local band on New Year’s Eve can be all but impossible.

It’s probably safe to say that holiday weddings aren’t for everyone—but if it’s something you feel strongly about, it can absolutely be done. We’re happy to help you do it, too. Contact us today to learn more about the availability of Mosteller Mansion!