Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Wedding Day

rainy-weddingSome brides spend years dreaming about their wedding day, and most spend several months actually planning it. No matter how hard you work to control each element of your big day, however, there will always be a few factors that elude you—including the weather itself.

Many brides are disappointed to find their big day being rained on—but you don’t have to let the elements dictate the success of your wedding. Even if you’re aiming for an outdoor affair, you can plan for rain contingencies that ensure the day is still every bit as special, every bit as meaningful as it would have been on a dry, sunny afternoon.

As you think about your wedding day rain plan, here are some particular points to consider:

  • Most outdoor wedding venues are going to have indoor spaces you can use. The important thing is to make sure you actually see and love that indoor space before you commit to the venue, ensuring that even if it does rain you won’t be too disappointed. Also clarify with the venue coordinator that the indoor space will be available on your wedding day.
  • Think about your pictures, too—and make sure the indoor wedding space has a lovely backdrop that offers enough space for formal wedding photos.
  • When the big day comes, being decisive is key. Don’t go back and forth on how you want to address the rain. If it seems like the weather is going to be bad all day, then make the call to move the ceremony indoors—and then stick with it.
  • Have faith in your vendors. Your florist, photographer, etc. have all worked in the rain and they’ve all had experience moving stuff indoors at the last minute. Don’t fret too much about the vendors; just let them do their job.
  • Be prepared. Rain is always a possibility, no matter the season, so buy some matching umbrellas and wellies for your wedding party in advance of the big day. Maybe you won’t need them—but wouldn’t it be nice to have them on hand?

More than anything: Lean into the rain. Embrace it. It’s going to be one of the biggest days of your life, no matter the weather—so why not have fun with it?

Have You Considered a Fall Wedding?

birch2For years now, spring and summer have been Wedding Season—but that may be changing, with more and more couples opting to get hitched during October or November. It’s not so hard to understand why: Autumn can be a magical time of year, from the foliage to the crisp air to the seasonal food options.

Whether you want to have a fall wedding is totally your call, of course, and a matter of your personal taste. Maybe you really just prefer the bright rays of summer, or the sight of springtime in full bloom.

But if you haven’t thought seriously about planning your ceremony for the fall, think about some of the following:

  • Strictly from a weather standpoint, the cool, crisp autumn months can be vastly more comfortable for everyone than a summer wedding. Why make your groomsmen sweat through their tuxes if you don’t have to?
  • Fall actually offers softer, warmer lighting for your outdoor wedding, or simply for outdoor photographs; fall sunsets can be especially transcendent and beautiful.
  • As for seasonal menu items, fall offers a lot of warm, rustic favorites—pumpkin, squash, apples, cinnamon, and so on. If these are the flavors you love, fall’s when you need to plan your wedding!
  • Fall grants you permission to choose some darker hues and skip the baby blues, the pinks, and the pastels—assuming that’s what you want to do, of course!
  • It’s easy, during fall, to find some natural greenery—even pumpkins and squashes—to incorporate in your wedding décor.

On top of all that, we’ll note, more personally, that Mosteller Mansion is particularly beautiful during the autumn months. We’d love for you to come see it, if you haven’t already.

There are, we acknowledge, potential downsides to a fall wedding—it may be more difficult for some folks to travel (especially those with kids in school), and the days are shorter—but for many couples, the pros outweigh the cons. Don’t write off the fall season without really thinking it over; for many, it’s the perfect season for a wedding!

The Best Foods for a Summer Wedding Reception

69381_124479817607012_121080851280242_126998_7937436_nPlanning your wedding reception menu isn’t just about selecting the foods that you like. It’s also about picking foods that will go over well with your guests. And believe it or not, that requires you to think about the time of the year you’re getting hitched.

Whether you’re getting married at a sunny, outdoor affair in August or at an intimate gathering in chilly December will set the stage for the foods your guests expect.

In addition, it’s important that you select food and drink items that are going to be in season—easily and affordably attainable during your wedding month. If not, your catering budget could swell.

So let’s take the example of a summer wedding, and consider: What are some menu items that are must-haves during the hottest months of the year?

Start with Drinks

First and foremost, make sure you have plenty of options for guests to slake their thirst—and that means plenty of non-alcoholic options for kids, families, and non-drinkers. A bar set up with lemonade and iced tea is almost sure to go over well at an outdoor, summer wedding. Cut fruit garnishes can make for lovely décor on these drink tables.

As for cocktails, summer is all about lighter stuff—fun cocktails that are meant to be refreshing, not merely alcoholic!

Other Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Some other culinary considerations:

  • Have some cool appetizers on hand to compliment those cool drinks. Think along the lines of chilled shrimp.
  • If your wedding is outside, and people are milling about rather than sitting down, then miniature and handheld items become all the more essential.
  • Summer is the time of year when people set their palettes for grilling, so if you provide some grilled entrees then you’re immediately adding a splash of summer spirit!
  • Remember that your desserts can be more than just tasty; they can be colorful and fun, augmenting the easygoing, summertime vibe. And here again, lighter, cooler desserts—fruit-based stuff, sorbets, etc.—can be most appreciated on hot summer days.

As you plan your wedding menu, think beyond what sounds good right now; think about what will sound good on your wedding day. For more help, reach out to the Mosteller Events catering team today!