4 Surprising Considerations for your Wedding Venue

cropped-mosteller-events-catering.jpgThe venue you choose for your wedding will go a long way toward setting the tone and vibe for your big day. You obviously want it to be somewhere special; somewhere aesthetically pleasing; somewhere that can accommodate you and all your guests; and somewhere you’ll look back on with fondness as you reminisce about the day you tied the knot.

As such, doing some research is key. Brides and grooms should have a good sense of the venue’s characteristics, rules, and amenities before signing on the dotted line. And that may include asking some questions, or considering some qualities, you hadn’t thought of before.

For example…

What kind of venue personnel will you be working with?

It’s always good to know who your point person will be as you orchestrate your big day. Is there an on-site event planner, or simply a manager? Is there a separate banquet manager to coordinate your reception? Who is the person you’re supposed to call with any questions, suggestions, or concerns—and how can that person be reached?

How many events does the venue tend to host each day?

Larger venues may host multiple weddings or parties on the same day—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, you’ll want to confirm that you have full access to the facilities you want, when you want them, and that your party isn’t rushed out to make room for someone else’s.

Are there contingency plans in place for bad weather?

If rain threatens your big outdoor event, will there be indoor accommodations available—and are you going to like those indoor accommodations? Make sure you see them before agreeing to them! Also make sure you ask about a back-up power generator—just in case.

What are the technical accommodations?

Your DJ is probably going to bring microphones, speakers, and gear, so that should be no problem—but what about the wedding officiator? Ensure that you have what you need to make him or her heard, even to guests sitting in the back rows.

You may have thought of all of these things already, of course—but if not, make sure you bring them up when speaking with your wedding planner or the venue coordinator! And of course, if you’re looking at Mosteller Mansion, you can call us with your questions any time.

What to Ask Your Wedding DJ

IMG_0048The wedding DJ you hire will play a big role in creating the mood at your reception—so of course, you want to hire someone professional, reliable, and also a whole lot of fun! Not all wedding DJs are created equal, though, so before signing on the dotted line you’ll want to ask your prospective DJs a few key questions.

Start with these:

Will you offer a written contract? If you want to make sure you get a truly professional DJ—not a flaky guy who just happens to have some audio equipment—then ask for a written, formal contract. Good, reputable DJs will not bat an eye, and will happily offer you written terms of service.

Will you be the DJ at the wedding? You have every right to speak with the actual person who will be your wedding DJ—not just an agent or receptionist—so make sure you clarify that the person you’re speaking with will be the person to show up on your big day.

How long have you been a DJ? How many weddings have you done? You may not feel comfortable entrusting your big day to a first-timer, so don’t hesitate to inquire about experience level.

How many weddings do you do each year? If the answer to this question is just one or two, the person you’re speaking with may not be at the top of the game.

Do you perform multiple events per day? If your wedding is the DJ’s fifth gig of the day, he or she may be exhausted and not functioning at a high level. You have every right to know whether this will happen, and to look elsewhere if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Will you serve as the emcee and make all the announcements? If you need someone to do this, make sure you inquire about it in advance.

How involved can we be in selecting the music for the reception? This may be the most critical question of all; if you want to have a say in the music, and veto power over songs you don’t like, clarify on the front end.

Remember: This is your big day you’re planning, so don’t be reluctant to ask anything that comes to mind!