How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Cake

2f6a3a2ab14d06b3b580ac11ceece04cLet’s be honest: When we go to weddings, we’re excited for the bride and groom, and glad to be part of their special day… but there’s some part of us that’s really most excited about a good, big piece of wedding cake!

The cake is often one of the most memorable parts of a wedding reception, and also one that can be harshly judged: If people don’t care for the cake, they’ll readily say so. Certainly, you want a cake that both the bride and groom enjoy, but also one that will be a crowd-pleaser and a good accent to the reception as a whole.

Here are some tips for achieving exactly that:

Go to some tastings. Ask your baker to schedule a tasting with you, or else show up at the next “open” tasting that he or she is throwing. Sample some exemplary cakes, check out some pictures of past cakes, and make sure it’s a baker you feel comfortable with.

Think about style. Decide on the cake after you’ve decided on things like wedding colors and general décor—and match the cake’s accents to your overall aesthetic as best you can. If you want little ribbons of icing on your cake, for instance, make sure you pick complimentary colors.

Get the right size. Three tier cakes will serve somewhere between 50 and 100 people, so plan accordingly. Get input from your baker on exactly how much cake is needed. Make sure nobody goes home without getting a piece.

Don’t settle for just one cake. Want to ensure that everyone at your reception gets a delicious piece of cake, just the way they want it? There’s no law against getting a few different cakes in a few different styles and flavors.

Augment with other desserts. If you’ve got a buffet table filled with desserts, you can afford to serve half-sized pieces to your guests, which will reduce the cake cost a bit.

Ask about the frosting. Do you prefer buttercream or fondant? Make sure you specify!

Get the forecast. If you’re having an outdoor reception on a hot day, stay away from whipped cream, buttercream, and merengue—all of which can melt in the heat!

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Wedding Etiquette: Don’t Mess with the Catering Crew!

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When you attend a wedding, you’re supposed to be on your best behavior. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and it doesn’t mean you can’t cut loose. It just means that manners are important, and it’s good to arrive at the wedding with a basic sense of etiquette and decorum.

This encompasses your interactions with wedding caterers, and your general approach to the food being served. You probably know not to talk with food in your mouth or to put your elbows on the table, but what are some other pieces of food-related etiquette you need to know for your next wedding event?

Good Food, Good Manners

A few basics:

  1. As soon as the catering crew arrives on the scene—which will likely be long before you yourself arrive—the kitchen is officially theirs. You may be curious about what’s going on back there, but please, leave them their space and let them work in private. This is an issue of efficiency and convenience, but also one of safety.
  2. Generally speaking, it is not alright to ask for “seconds.” If the wedding reception is buffet-style, that’s one thing—but otherwise, remember that the bride and groom have paid for a set number of meals, and there just isn’t enough for everyone to ask for a second helping.
  3. Wedding receptions do not have “to-go” boxes and they do not have “leftovers.” That’s just not how they work! Even if a guest fails to show up, that does not mean you can ask for his/her food to take home!
  4. Remember what you ordered for dinner, and get it! You may decide, on the big day, that the fish really sounds better than the chicken, but again: A specific number of meals have been paid for, and it’s rude to take someone else’s requested meal.
  5. Above all: Keep calm, and don’t worry about not getting fed. If there are professional caterers on the scene, there will be enough food to go around. Just let the caterers do their work.

Keep these rules in mind to ensure that the wedding reception is a memorable event for everyone who attends.