What Not to Tell the Bride on Her Wedding Day

IMG_0048When you work in weddings, as we do here at Mosteller Events, you hear a lot of crazy things—including, inexplicably, some really ill-advised comments made toward brides on their big day!

We don’t need to tell you that the day of the wedding is, indeed, a pretty big deal for the bride—and in the interest of keeping it special for her (and pleasant for everyone else), it’s best to avoid any comments that might come across as insensitive or critical.

Here are some things you definitely want to remove from your vocabulary as the bride gets ready for her moment.

“We don’t know where the groom is!” We’re not saying you need to put a tracking device on the groom, or tie him to a chair somewhere in the back of the wedding venue, but do try to ensure someone is with him just in case the bride needs to touch base, or just wants to know what he’s up to.

Anything negative about the bride’s dress. It was her choice, and she picked it for a reason! And now that the wedding day is here, there’s really nothing that can be gained by critiquing her dress anyway. (Really, you shouldn’t make negative comments about any of the bride’s choices.)

“We don’t have enough _____.” Fill in the blank with chairs, food, alcohol—whatever. Running out of things for her guests is something most brides are anxious about; there’s no need to heighten her anxiety by confronting her with problems. This is something to work out with the event planner or coordinator. Leave the bride out of it!

Any complaints from the bridesmaids. Even if there’s a bridesmaid with a bad attitude, the bride shouldn’t have to know about it. Try to resolve the issue without complaints getting back to her.

“Everyone is using their phone!” A great new wedding tradition—something we’ve seen more and more of—is brides requesting that their wedding and reception both be cell phone-free. Do your part by forgetting about texting and social media while you’re there—and even if you see other people breaking the no-mobiles rule, the bride shouldn’t have to deal with that.

Remember: It’s her big day, and you can make it more special and less stressful by saying—or not saying—certain things! And of course, working with an ace event coordinator, like the Mosteller Events team, can also help the day pass smoothly.

Getting Married in a Historic Building: The Benefits

IMG_9953Getting married in a historic building is not for everyone—but for many couples, it’s a perfect fit. Maybe you covet a church wedding. Maybe you’d prefer something more modern and chic. But if you have an affinity for historic elegance and architecture or simply like to know that your wedding spot has a real story behind it, picking a time-tested building is the way to go.

Here we should mention that—although this may surprise you—Mosteller Mansion is not as old as it looks. It was actually built in the 1980s and has been refurbished since then. Its style is so completely timeless, though, that most assume the building to be decades older than it really is. It is certainly a historic building in spirit, if not in actual age!

There are sure benefits to picking a wedding site like Mosteller Mansion—among them:

  • Historic homes were made for entertaining. These luxurious properties were designed to host parties, dinners, and galas—so there is ample space for a crowd and plenty of nooks and crannies for private moments and more intimate conversations.
  • Speaking of which, historic homes also offer intimacy. They feel like, well, homes—not generic buildings, but spaces in which friends and families are meant to gather close together.
  • Historic buildings are beautiful. There is simply no reason for them to still be standing and still be hosting events if they were not designed with elegance and style in mind. Aesthetically, historic buildings and old homes are incomparable.
  • A historic home like Mosteller Mansion also offers the kinds of kitchen facilities that you need for your big day.
  • Historic homes allow you to have a wedding that spans both indoors and outdoors, as well—something you may not get in more modern facilities, simply depending on the specific building you select.
  • Finally, a historic building has its own story to tell—the story of countless others who have stood in it, perhaps even been married in it—which makes it all the more resonant when you add your story to it.

In short, historic buildings have character—and there’s no substitute for that. To learn more about the character and features of Mosteller Mansion, call us today and schedule a tour!

Picking the Perfect Venue: What to Consider

Mosteller Events CateringWhen you think about it, the venue you select for your wedding is the spot at which your new life—your life as a couple—will truly begin. It is destined to become a cherished landmark in your family history, a place you always remember fondly. So when you pick your wedding venue, you’re not just picking the place you’ll spend one special day, but a place that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

With that said, how can couples ensure that they select a wedding venue that they will truly cherish—a place that’s perfect for their big day and all that it entails? The answer will, of course, vary from one couple to the next. One couple may really want a church wedding; another, something outdoors; another, to be married in a beautiful facility like Mosteller Mansion.

As you select your wedding venue, here are a few things to consider:

  • How many guests are you going to invite? Seating capacity/total occupancy is obviously going to be one of the foremost concerns in selecting your wedding venue.
  • Where are your guests travelling from, and how mobile are they? If you have a lot of older or less travel-prone relatives in North Carolina, a wedding in Costa Rica might be asking too much.
  • Do you want to have a religious ceremony? There are many who do; you can always have a religious ceremony in a non-church setting, of course, but may want to go over the logistics with your minister or official before you make any final decisions about the venue.
  • Do you want to have an outdoor wedding? And does the facility in question have a backup option in case of inclement weather?
  • What kind of catering service are you using? Will the venue allow you to bring in a catering company, and does it provide the equipment and facilities your caterer will need?
  • How much setup are you willing to do on your own—and what kind of setup will the venue provide for you?
  • Is proximity to hotels something that matters to you?

There is a perfect wedding venue out there for you and your intended—but make sure you think through all these points as you try to find it! And if you think Mosteller Mansion is the venue for you, call us today to ask questions or arrange a tour!